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Foster Kucij Named 2017-2018 Youth of the Year

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady (BGCS) is proud to announce we have named Foster Kucij the 2017-2018 Youth of the Year.

Youth of the Year is the premier youth recognition program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady, recognizing outstanding contributions to a member’s family, school, community and Boys & Girls Club, as well as overcoming personal challenges and obstacles. The recognition program encourages Club members to reach their full potential by achieving academic success, leading healthy lifestyles and contributing to their communities.

Foster is a senior at Schenectady High School and has been a long-time member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady, attending various clubhouses and Camp Lovejoy since age six. He is currently a member of the Steinmetz Homes Boys & Girls Club site and has worked at Camp Lovejoy for the past four years. Foster is a dedicated volunteer and, having spent hundreds of hours on club and community service over several years, he is an outstanding peer leader and advocate for Schenectady’s youth.

Foster is a regular volunteer at the Steinmetz Homes Boys & Girls Club, an affiliate of BGCS, helping younger members in the computer room and leading a variety of activities. Every week Foster helps to facilitate group discussions educating teen members on harm and risk reduction with their sexual health and everyday life. When he has free time, Foster volunteers at the Yates Village Clubhouse. During the summer months, Foster is a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor at Camp Lovejoy. Foster always arrives early before his shift to check on the pool and stays after his shift to help clean up Camp.

As a passionate advocate, educator and peer leader, Foster works with Planned Parenthood and Real Talk to empower and engage Schenectady’s youth to make positive lifestyle choices. He continues to be an active member of Real Talk, a program of the Alliance for Positive Health for high-risk teens. This is a youth led and youth driven prevention program designed to have a positive impact on reducing risky behavior. Foster also works as a Youth Health Educator for Planned Parenthood, plays soccer and stays involved with school events.

In his early teens, Foster began to struggle with anxiety. Rather than let this barrier define him, Foster has chosen to take a holistic approach to address this situation. Leading by example, he has grown to be an exceptional leader to his peers. Foster hopes to one day become the Head Chef in a popular kitchen.

We are pleased to recognize Foster Kucij as the 2017-2018 Youth of the Year due to his continued commitment to his community, school, family and Boys & Girls Club!

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