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All campers must have one of our Summer 2024 Memberships with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady before they can register for SPARC.  School Year 2023-24 Memberships are only valid through 6/7/2024. 

1. Complete the Summer 2024 Membership Registration.

New Members: 

If your child is new to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady, or their most recent membership was prior to September 2022, click here for instructions on how to create a parent portal account and obtain a membership for your child.   When processing the membership, set the location to Rotterdam Boys & Girls Club.   


Returning Members: 

If your child was a member and attended one of our Clubhouses or Summer Programs since September 2022,

a parent portal account was already created. Please log into that account to process a Summer 2024 Membership. 


Please note when accessing your Parent Portal Account:   

  • Your username will be the parent/guardian email entered when creating the account. 

  • If you cannot remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the portal login page. 

  • If you cannot remember your username, please contact our central office at (518) 374-4714 (M-F 8am-4pm) for assistance. 

2. Navigate to the Registration Page in your Parent Portal account.

Click on the Registration tab in the navigation bar, or click the Browse Registrations button on the Home page. 

3. Set your location.

Verify the "Current Location" (located just above the program search filter) is set to Rotterdam Boys & Girls Club. If not, click "(Change), select Rotterdam Boys & Girls Club, and click the Save button.

4. Select the week you wish to enroll in.

Using the "Browse" filter on the lower left of the Registration page, for each browse level select the following:

     a. Category - click on "Summer Program at the Rotterdam Club (SPARC)"

     b. Programs – click "SPARC 2024"
Courses - click the week you are currently enrolling your member in

5. Select the correct enrollment option for that week.

Once you have selected the Course (Week Option) in Step 4c, you will see the currently available enrollment options and pricing to the right of the search menu.

  • If one child from your household will be attending the selected week, choose the Child 1 Enrollment Option.

  • If multiple children from your household will be enrolling for the same camp week, choose the option that corresponds with each child you are registering to take advantage of our discounted pricing:


For the 1st Child attending select the Child 1 Enrollment ($75.00)
For the 2nd Child attending select the Child 2 Enrollment ($60.00)
For the 3rd Child attending select the Child 3+ Enrollment ($40.00)
For any additional children, continue to select the Child 3+ Enrollment ($40.00)


  • You can click on the shopping cart to verify your enrollment selections.

To remove an enrollment, either go back to that Course Enrollment selection, click on “Enroll” again, and “Unselect” the member, or you can proceed to the Summary page and click on the trashcan for the unwanted enrollment to delete it.


6. Click next as you answer any questions, and sign any acknowledgements/waivers. 

7. Click Next/Finish to review your summary and process payment.

8. Submit all required documentation:


Registering does not guarantee a place at camp unless all of the following has been received:

  1. Full payment

  2. A Copy of the most current Immunization Record for your child

  3. If medication is to be administered by our nurse while at SPARC, a doctor’s note/order
    must be provided for each medication that is to be given *The order must include the medication name, dosage, and time dispensed*

  4. If your child has a food allergy, a doctor’s note/order must also be provided

Documents can be submitted by:

  • Upload through your Parent Portal account 

    • Navigate to the "Update Your Profile” tab

    • Select your child's name

    • Choose the "Upload Your Documents: SPARC Required Documents" form

    • Follow the directions provided.

  • Fax – (518) 374-4433 ATTN LINDSAY (Please include your child's full name on all documents)

9. If you haven't already, be sure to submit the Specialty Camp preference form:

Click here to select and submit your child's Specialty Camp preferences!

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