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Adeline Wright Graham Clubhouse

We are excited to announce that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady has implemented a new Club member management system, called MyClubHub, beginning with the 2022-23 Club Memberships.  Moving forward, all membership applications will need to be completed on the MyClubHub Parent Portal and will no longer process paper applications.  The Parent Portal will be accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile device. 


Registration is now OPEN

Parent Portal Link & Instructions

Adeline Wright Graham Boys & Girls Club

104 Education Drive

Schenectady, NY 12303

Phone (518) 709-1875

Boys & Girls Club opening on September 26

Open Monday-Friday

Hours of Operation: 2:00pm - 6:00pm (All members)

2:00pm - 8:00pm (Teens)

9:00am - 5:00pm (No School Days)

$5.00 membership fee for the entire school year

  • All youth must become a member of the Adeline Wright Graham Boys & Girls Club.

  • If a child has COVID-19 symptoms, parents will be notified immediately to pick them up.

  • The Adeline Wright Graham Boys & Girls Club program will adhere to social distancing best practices, ensuring adequate staffing to properly spread out students, securing program spaces that allow for all persons to be at least three-feet apart, and limiting unnecessary close contact through games and activities. Staff, members, and visitors will be required to wear masks each day. Additional time will be given to ensure proper handwashing throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available in each room.  All staff and members will be educated on proper hand-washing techniques. Programming will be in compliance with CDC recommendations.

  • Members will participate and have use of gymnasium, computer labs, theater, game rooms and program rooms.

  • Afternoon snack, and dinner provided.   




The Boys & Girls Club offers a range of programs in five core areas: Education and Career Development, Character & Leadership Development, Health & Life Skills, The Arts & Sports, Fitness & Recreation.

Important for Parents

The Boys & Girls Club is an Open Door program. Children and teens come and go as they please to and from the facility. This means it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their child remains at the Club, and does not leave the premises when you expect him/her to be there.  The Boys & Girls Club is not responsible for walking young people to bus stops.  


Please contact the Club at 518-709-1875 during regular program hours to ensure there is space available. 

Unit Director: Edward Sichilongo

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