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3476 Lovejoy Road  Altamont, NY  (518) 861-8351

Questions - 518-374-4714 or


Acquired in 1957 with a generous contribution from

Jesse R. Lovejoy, the grounds include a swimming pool, ponds, hiking trails, an outdoor amphitheater, arts & crafts building,

picnic pavilions, and playing fields.

Parent/Guardian Orientation: 
Friday, June 28th at 6:00pm

Adeline Wright Graham Clubhouse

104 Education Drive, Schenectady, NY 12303


what to bring

  • Campers are to dress weather wise & bring a swim suit & towel daily (Swim Lessons are Required)

  • Be sure to tag or mark clothing.  We are not responsible for lost & personal items (Lost & Found is located at First Aide Office)

  • Campers should have a backpack to hold all their personal belongings, including extra clothing, hats, sunscreen, bug lotion, (no sprays), water & snacks. (Camp cannot provide refrigeration)



health & medical 

 There is a professional on staff for any health related issues. 

  • A doctor’s note is required for dispensing of medication, food allergies and returning to camp because of a communicable disease (i.e., pink eye). 

  • Medical equipment must be provided by parent/guardian. 

  • DO NOT SEND your child if he/she is ill. 

  • Medical staff must be notified if camper is diagnosed with a communicable disease. 

  • Parents/guardians are responsible to pick up their child if notified by medical staff.  


 code of conduct

 *Please review with child before attending Camp*

  • I will treat others with respect.  I will respect myself. 

  • I will be respectful of others property. 

  • I will not use curse words, negative sayings, degrading or rude comments. 

  • I will be courteous and have self-control on the bus and while at camp. 

  • I will be a positive participant during the Camp season. 

  • To insure my safety and the safety of others, I will follow the camp rules. 

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