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 2023 Camp Details

Camp Lovejoy is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady's very own Summer Day Camp located in the Helderberg Mountains of Altamont, NY.


Acquired in 1957 with a generous contribution from Jesse R. Lovejoy, the grounds include a swimming pool, ponds, hiking trails, an outdoor amphitheater, arts & crafts building, picnic pavilions, and playing fields.. 

 what happens each day at camp? 

Enrolled campers are transported daily by bus to Camp Lovejoy. Parents may also drive campers to and from camp if they choose or if buses are full. Lunch and an afternoon snack are included in the fee. All campers enjoy a wide range of activities including daily swims, swim lessons, sports, project adventure, arts & crafts, dance, science & nature, and more more!

3476 Lovejoy Road  Altamont, NY  (518) 861-8351



Bus A:

8:05-Scotia  Library

8:10-M.L. King School                

8:20-Steinmetz Homes Club       

8:30-AWG Clubhouse      



Transportation Safety:  Campers are returned to stops between 4:30-5:15pm. Parents are responsible for dropping off & picking up their child at bus stops. Parents must have a plan for both morning & evening to assure their child’s safety.  Staff are NOT at each stop.  Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed.  Unsafe behavior will result in campers being unable to ride bus. 

Driving drop-off time - 9am

Driving pick-up time - 4pm

Bus B:                                         

7:55-Woestina School

8:10-Schenectady Library

8:25-Yates School

8:35-Elmer Ave School   

Bus C:                                         

8:10-Mont Pleasant Clubhouse

8:20-Van Corlaer School

8:25-Rotterdam Club (LL Field)

8:35-Jefferson School

Bus D:                                      

7:55-Woodlawn School

8:05-Lincoln School

8:10-Central Park MS

8:25-Bradt School

 Specialty Camps

Specialty Camp programs take place during the morning session at Camp Lovejoy.  When you register for camp, select your camper's preference!  Specialty Camp programs run for 2 week sessions.


For 6 Year Olds


An exciting first time camp experience!


For 7-14 Year Olds


Campers will discover a world of inspiration and creativity.


Have fun learning about and participating in different styles of dance. 


Focusing on clay art, campers will be inspired to create, foster self-discovery, & learn to appreciate art.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! Through hands-on experiments and exploration, campers will  work together to ignite their curiosity and  discover more about the world around them.


Learn the fundamentals of various sports, sportsmanship, and having fun.


Wilderness survival, orienteering, nature exploration, and gardening.


Introduction to video production: script writing, editing, animation, and more!

For 9 -14 Year Olds


Campers will explore their love of cooking while enhancing their skills and knowledge to make healthy nutritional choices.

For 12-14 Year Olds


Designed for advanced simmers to build a foundation of skills and knowledge for futures life guarding.

For 14 Year Olds - an Additional Opportunity!


The Counselor-in-Training ( CIT) Program at Camp Lovejoy is designed to offer 14 year old campers an opportunity to prepare for positions as camp junior counselors.  This program will help develop their leadership skills and communication skills.



  • There is a professional on staff for any health related issues. 

  • A doctor’s note is required for dispensing of medication, food allergies and returning to camp because of a communicable disease (i.e., pink eye). 

  • Medical equipment must be provided by parent/guardian. 

  • DO NOT SEND your child if he/she is ill. 

  • Medical staff must be notified if camper is diagnosed with a communicable disease. 

  • Parents/guardians are responsible to pick up their child if notified by medical staff.  

  code of conduct
    Please review with child before attending Camp 


  • I will treat others with respect.  I will respect myself. 

  • I will be respectful of others property. 

  • I will not use curse words, negative sayings, degrading or rude comments. 

  • I will be courteous and have self-control on the bus 

      and while at camp. 

  • I will be a positive participant during the Camp season. 

  • To insure my safety and the safety of others, I will 

       follow the camp rules. 

Questions - 518-374-4714 or

What to bring:

  • Campers are to dress weather wise & bring a swim suit & towel daily (Swim Lessons are Required)

  • Be sure to tag or mark clothing.  We are not responsible for lost & personal items (Lost & Found is located at First Aide Office)

  • Campers should have a backpack to hold all their personal belongings, including extra clothing, hats, sunscreen, bug lotion, (no sprays), water & snacks. (Camp cannot provide refrigeration)


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