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3476 Lovejoy Road  Altamont, NY  (518) 861-8351

Questions - 518-374-4714 or

  bus schedule:


    Bus A:

    8:05-Scotia  Library

    8:10-M.L. King School                

    8:20-Steinmetz Homes Club       

    8:30-AWG Clubhouse      



Please have your camper at the bus stop 10 minutes before the listed Bus Pick-Up time 

**Bus Drop-Off time is the estimated time of drop off at the end of the day 

Driving drop-off time - 9am

Driving pick-up time - 4pm

Bus B:                                         

7:55-Woestina School

8:10-Schenectady Library

8:25-Yates School

8:35-Elmer Ave School   

Bus C:                                         

8:10-Mont Pleasant Clubhouse

8:20-Van Corlaer School

8:25-Rotterdam Club (LL Field)

8:35-Jefferson School

Bus D:                                      

7:55-Woodlawn School

8:05-Lincoln School

8:10-Central Park MS

8:25-Bradt School

  transportation options: 



1. Enrolled campers are transported daily by bus to Camp Lovejoy.

​​​            *Some buses fill up quickly and are filled on a first come first serve basis

2. Parents/Guardians may also drive campers to and from camp if they choose or if buses are full.  

  transportation safety:

    Parents are responsible for dropping off & picking up their child at bus stops and must have a plan for both

    morning & evening to ensure their child’s safety.

  • Campers must get on and off at the same bus stop, for safety reasons.

  • Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed.

  • Unsafe behavior will result in campers being unable to ride the bus.

  • Staff are NOT at each stop. Please stay with your child at the bus stop to supervise your child. 



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